Sunday, March 16, 2008


All in all a productive lunch meeting with My Agent at South City Kitchen. She had the Open-Faced Awkward Turtle Sandwich; I had the Pan-Seared Pork Prostate -- Southern cuisine, dare I say, at its relaxed/finessed best.
We went over a few of our current projects.
My Agent still has high hopes for Jesus is Alive!, a harried piece of expressionist writing in which some black kid from English Ave truly-really-honest-to-God turns out to be Christ Reincarnate, except that He gets accidentally shot and killed by the Atlanta Police for obeying the traffic rules -- for Those who drive under the speed limit and signal Their turns are Those Who have Something to Hide, and one cannot be Cautious Enough. When a Deputy Chief is sent to the morgue to plant a gun in the dead kid's pockets, the Messiah's slab in the morgue turns out to be empty, and All Hell Breaks Loose. Or not: it's still a toss-up whether the book will climax in a gory zombiefest or turn into a deeply spiritual story of Personal Redemption. I'm confident we'll figure that out before going to press.
The both of us also quite excited about Amanda: Woodward!, a farcical Bildungsroman set in the porn milieu, and My Agent was so right in pointing out we could go mainstream, with still plenty of steamy encounters, if we retitle it Holly: Woodward!
Unfortunately shelved is my self-help trilogy that was to appear under the Baffle House imprint. The first installment -- The Fuck?!?, A Sex Manual for the Utterly Clueless -- is all but written; the second installment -- The Hell?!?, Christian Rebirthing for the Utterly Clueless -- is in its final draft; it's the content of the third volume -- The Heck?!? -- that we simply cannot wrap our heads around.
Also shelved is now my screenplay Gaylord! -- which My Agent unhelpfully called nothin' but a swift-footed tranny fantasy. She is right. I should not let my own psycho-sexual development get in the way of the veritable potboiling that is -- as I admit here humbly -- my doggone forte.
Chef Dean Dupuis, in the meantime, outdid himself with the desserts: Lard-Fried Chocolate Bunnies, Stuffed with Sugared Sweetbreads for her; Bacon-Encrusted Pecan Torte Smothered in Ham-Smoked Buttercream for him.

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