Tuesday, March 11, 2008


My very first post on this semblance of a blog was a translation of my contribution to a collection of brief pieces written (or updated or excerpted) on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War. Here in the States sometimes also equated with the War on/against Terror. (Yes, our government is fighting ... a noun. Not people. War against Terrorists is too long a designation to digitally project onto on a virtual banner waving behind Big Poppa Bear Bill O'Reilly. Plus, putting it that way makes much clearer what we should be doing: Get the terrorists and bring them to justice, but then we would have to acknowledge that terrorists are a relatively small set of individuals, not a[ny] country.)
All contributions to that collection can now be found online.
Most, including mine, are in Dutch; a few are in French and Arabic and a few (e.g., by Dahlia Wasfi, Haifa Zangana, Harold Pinter, and Tariq Ali) in English.
None of us, it appears, are very happy about this War thing. Which should also make us think. Can we find writers and true intellectuals (BPPBO'R does not qualify, of course) who, at this juncture in time, would still argue that the war was worth it, good for humanity, a turning point for the better in history, a glowing example for our children and grandchildren to emulate? Five-hundred billion dollars (and counting) well spent?
'Bericht aan de bevolking' translates roughly as 'to whom it may concern'.
This concerns us all.

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