Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Yesterday, one of our graduate students walked into my office wearing a tie. The tie, by the way, was a horrible knit affair, and paired with khaki cargo shorts and flipflops*.

I remarked on the tie. He said it was Tuesday, and therefore tie day, and suggested I join the movement. I gracefully declined, in so many words.

What I had wanted to say instead was that I have worked all my life to be taken seriously for my mind. An arrow pointing at my dickhead methinks would distract.

*How to dress like a European, part the first: If some article of clothing or accessory is suitable for a 13-year old girl to wear poolside, it should only be worn poolside.

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nnyhav said...

cf. G.V.Desani's all about H.Hatterr, Chap 3, e.g.:
"... Knowing its secret purpose, he went to that tweed-tailor's shop and behaved mysteriously. Thereafter, for ten rupees, he bought eight neckties. Immediately after wearing the said neckwaer, lo! Angus, the same Laird of County Dundee, apprenticed in jute-haberdashery, acquired Influence. He became a burrasahib! He could claim kinship with very high-standard men, who are D.Litt--which title means Light of the World--..."

(and from the prelude: "All's bliss, and Tuesday here!"