Wednesday, August 20, 2008


On my walk into work:
- A guy with a t-shirt saying: I hope you're an ANIMAL cause I'm a BEAST.
- A young woman letting out a yelp of joy spying a young man coming towards her on the sidewalk. He broke his stride to hug her, but while he did, he looked carefully around: Do-you-see-me? Did-you-see-her? She's-hot! Rawza!
- A 40-year old man with ponytail, goatee, mirrored sunglasses and too cool to wait for the traffic light to turn green, sporting a skulls-and-crossbones t-shirt.

Then I overheard a frat-boy type saying: "But what does it all mean, right? Why lead a hollow life?"
I did a double-take.
Of course: He was talking to what they call here "a hot chick".

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