Saturday, August 30, 2008


The reason I moved to the States in 1997 was a job in academia. At that time, there was a reason to make such a move, even if it meant leaving your family and friends and language and culture behind for-perhaps-ever. Notably, there was monetary support for research unlike anything you could get anywhere in Europe, at least in my field. I have no numbers for ye ole' continent, but below are a couple of graphs with the evolution (or rather, the "intelligent design") of US scientific funding in the past few decades, which I stole from a fellow blogger. I am not going to lament or editorialize for a change. Except to ask you to look at the trend. And to ask yourself, if you are American, whether all this science and technology business isn't perhaps something that might be integral to maintaining (the illusion of) being the greatest nation on earth.
(Forget funding for the arts of course. We crossed that bridge a long time ago.) (And I am way past caring. I merely observe.)
Feel free to upload a pic with the evolution of military spending in the comments.

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