Saturday, August 9, 2008


So, of course I didn’t start a blog nobody reads just to clear my head of its daily doings.
Of course there must be a larger project looming, perhaps named Babylon Blues, and on this page we are allowed the rare glimpse of its universe -- a lonely women locked up at some Southern border, who may or may not have authored the perfect sentence, who may or may not be ensnared by the tedious tentacles of military-industrial madness.
Why else mumble these sweet nothings into the reticular void that is the Web than to feel its lazy reverberations being muffled by the weary shuffling of a Spider drawing near?
For EVERYTHING is connected and therefore we must pay attention to EVERYTHING and this is not paranoia, this is the permanent state of the artist’s affairs.

The best stories start with the appearance of a woman.

We were in bed. In one of those hopelessly romantic hotels in one of those tiny Medieval towns they have over there, in Europe.

She said: ‘I think I love you’.

I ran out of bed, into the bathroom, and threw up violently into the toilet bowl.

There is no causal relationship between those two events.

In my case, it was too much Indian food and too much of the local brew.

As to what got into her, I do not know.

As I slipped back under the covers, I wondered which of the two events she would have forgotten come morning and what, in general, her view on causality was.

On the answer depended whether we would spend a lifetime together or sing our hapless sayonaras at the snowiest airport in the world.


Joseph Laizure said...

It's not true that nobody reads your blog. It's been established that Scott Esposito does, and he counts for 40 people in my opinion. And I read it too, because your blog voice, like your novelistic voice, is companionable even if not always comforting. So thank you, especially for the fragmentary fiction posts.

Exhibit A: "...our hapless sayonaras at the snowiest airport in the world." That's going to give me a hook for daydreaming at least until I'm done with work for the day. There's a universe suggested by that phrase, though I suppose we'll have to wait to find out the value of omega in that particular world...OK. This clumsy fan letter has gone on long enough. Thanks again!

Paul Verhaeghen said...

There is no universe, only multiverses, and all parameters are floating.
Says Spiderman.
And who is he?