Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Ayelet Waldman (and Michael Chabon) have noticed that writers and perhaps also lovers of literature in general carry their heart and their brains (and sometimes their cojones) on the left side.
So, she started
Books for Barack.
The idea is simple: If you are a US resident or a citizen and you donate $250 to the Obama campaign through her MyObama page (click the link above for more info), she'll send you ten randomly selected signed books, donated by their authors. The tally is at around 1,500, so you have a 1/150 chance it'll be a copy of
Omega Minor.
That is, as soon as I locate a big padded envelope in this big mess I call my house.

Let this thing with feathers soar!

UPDATE: They ran out of books. Already. Now it's just Money for Barack. In return, we might just get our country back. Also nothing to be snubbed at.

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