Friday, September 19, 2008


One of you came here looking for the following:
maximum safe time to tie up testicles
and left after 0:00 seconds.

I am so sorry to disappoint.

Therefore, for lack of usefulness or entertainment value, this blog will be suspended until further notice.

(But if you want my opinion: That time depends on what tasks you want those testicles to perform after unbinding. Bleed? Tie'm up longer. Provide baby-conception-quality sperm: Uhn-uhn! Also: Only tie up testicles if owner of said globules agrees with the procedure. Just sayin.)


Sergio C. Gutiérrez-Negrón said...

Now you have forever condemned yourself to be the happy holder of the number one spot in Google's search results for said procedure.

MBR said...

Oh say it isn't so.

And just how did your blog show up under those search criteria?