Friday, November 28, 2008


Short declarative sentences.
Sometimes missing verbs.

(Scrap that. To indicate verbs missing, verbs obviously verboten. Try again.)

Short declarative sentences.
Little verbs.

(Hold it. Ambiguous. We don't mean to imply our verbs are wimpy, impish or otherwise limp.)

Short declarative sentences.
Silent rugged verbs.


Beefy manly prose.

(Beefy? Really? What else, hm? Sturdy? Studly? Stalwart?)

Short declarative sentences.
Silent rugged verbs.
Manly prose.

Like moonshine.
Like rotgut, burning holes in your stomach lining, burning holes in the dawgawn summer, newborn bay-bee moanin' with the heat.

There hangs no tale by Hemingway's six words: for-sale-baby-shoes-never-used -- just a lost afternoon at Babies'r'Us(R) and no receipt to show for it.

Here, sweetie, have a lick of moonshine; it'll put yer suckling infant right to sleep.

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