Friday, November 14, 2008


So there. I let one troll through on the 'Moderation' entry.

For one reason: to show (as many other bloggers have experienced, some, unlike me, of consequence) that these folks do exist, and post rather nonsensical things (1. Obama is inheriting, indeed, the worse economic situation since 1929; if you think this has nothing to do with deregulation and the fighting of a 10,000,000,000$/month war, go get some sleep and think it over; 2. Government expansion is something the majority of Americans now want, according to at least one poll from the last days that I am too jittery to remember right now. But do you remember Katrina? Do you remember when your retirement account was worth something? If nothing else, we want our government to protect us. I personally think that universal health care, to name one thing, is a good thing;3. Who are you thinking to convince anyway? Me? 3a. Google me, and 3b. I don't vote.)

No, for two reasons: All the trolls here have come either anonimously, or under Blogger IDs that were acquired especially for the purpose of 'commenting' , it seems -- no actual blogs attached.

We must indeed live in a neofascist state, if you don't dare use your name when writing about your fears of the government.

Nothing to fear, my friends, but fear itself.

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