Monday, November 10, 2008


Harold Polis has a short blog piece on our joint appearance in Gent, for the Award from the Flemish Provinces. W/r/t that baby: Yes, sometimes we do put some socks on that kid.

In case you were wondering: The award was worth 4,999 euros and the money went to Human Rights Watch (who wisely stayed home instead of attending). (I joked later in the week about the timing -- the day of the election -- and how I would have taken i he money home if awarded a day later, but that is untrue: the money was awarded a long, long time ago. Plus, I'd like to see Guantanamo closed, torture stopped, and a time line for troop withdrawal first.) The mysterious 'it' you saw me blog about earlier took the form of two art books so enormous we had to buy an extra suitcase just to get them home.

Trivial detail about that evening: There was also a reading going on in some other part of the building, apparently concerning Proofs of the Existence of G*d. Quite a few of those folks crashed our party and used our open bar to great avail. One 25-something then proceeded to try to pick up Sultry S, in the full presence of her mate and baby. He wasn't prepared to take no for an answer either. It did get embarrassing, but I do not blame him -- that Sultry S even speaks to the likes of me is as close to a Proof of the Existence of G*d as I will ever get.

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