Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The program for the 2009 Jewish Book Week is up.

I am very excited I'll be able to attend. AB Yehoshua's The Continuing Silence of a Poet is a favorite of mine, and he closes the festival.

Too bad for me that I can only be there for the final Saturday and Sunday. I'm on at lunch time on Sunday. I fully expect to break my all-time low-attendance record, although that won't be easy. (I once had such low attendance at a Chicago event that even the organizer forgot to mention me in her blog story of the evening -- that must set the record: attendance was so low the organizer herself considered my presence superfluous.)

There is also rumor that I'll be doing a separate performance at the Flemish House in London on the Monday following -- not sure yet what it'll be and what language it'll be in. As long, I suppose, as my students don't find out that THAT is the reason we'll all be missing class. Literature: so frivolous!

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