Thursday, July 30, 2009


The incomparable Frank Reiss (he keeps his extra copies of J. Joyce in the store loo) is having a midnight party in honor of the dropping of the new Pynchon (yes, holding a new Pynchon, it's like getting a brand new pair of testicles handed to ya!), in his store, A Capella Books, in Little Five Points, this Monday. In clear contradiction to the store's name, a band apparently will perform, no doubt a quaternion fronted by the immortal (or at least seriously cranky) Pig Bodine himself! Oh, I will take that trip down the Van Iseghemlaan, moz def, incongruously yet cleverly disguised as Wanda Tinasky, handing out flemish mayo and snausage sandwiches to all and sunder, re-enacting in postmodern dance each and every page of Gravity's Rainbow, and will those bottles of Solange St.-Emilion in those plastic bags slosh ever so eruditely, enliving our sleepless night -- my friends -- of a little light reading!

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