Friday, December 11, 2009


It’s almost over.

And thank Time.

Prior to 12/12/2000, who among us would have predicted this round of scarring events – 9/11, Abu Ghraib, Katrina? That we would be governed, eight years long, by folks who were -- described at its most charitable -- blinded by ideology or stuck, groundhog-day-style, in a massive Operation Enduring Incompetence? (One could also, less charitably, but perhaps more truthfully, venture they were Just a Bunch of Revengeful Fucks with Itchy Trigger fingers.)

Thankfully, by the end of 2008, they had lost all credit. Unfortunately, immediately afterward – in the astroglided financial aftermath of Operation Enduring Incompetence -- we all did.

My fear. That this finally is going to be the legacy of this Lost Decade – that we elected and re-elected and tolerated and in retrospect still tolerate a government of Enduring Criminal and Criminally Incompetents, and that we never demanded that they answer for what they did – answer, say, to the families of the hundreds of thousands of civilians killed in Iraq or to the families of the fewer thousands of American soldiers dead in a war we’d pretend still has a cause if we could only be quick enough on our feet to think of one.

It’s the simple law of karma.

To state it plainly: If we tolerated and still tolerate this, what levels of cluelessness, heinousness, or both, will we deserve from those who rule us in the future?

Our poor, poor brains: so freedom-fried.


Web Solutions said...

You can beautifully described the world economic conditions after 9/11.

Anonymous said...

hey! Perhaps I got this wrong – nevertheless - I don't think that the world's economic situation after 9/11 is at the heart of this writing, but our own brilliant brainlessness and heartlessness. How can it happen that we are ruled by whomever (elected light-years ago, doing wrong things, lying at us? – And we believe in them?! Are we all brainwashed?). Tell me, how and why can we accept any leaders? Let it be past, let it be upcoming leaders? If this should be the law of Karma, sorry men, no one will convince me of Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Sikhism. I would call it the law of asininity and egoism. Everything that happened in the last decade had a sense. And nothing that happened in the last decade had a sense. And that’s the awful truth. Except that there is no final truth. One of these things we can’t understand. It will never end. And that’s the real problem. Maybe there’s one way to escape from the circle: let’s ask our own hearts. Let’s start in front of our own front doors.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I don't speak your language - so this comment was Babylonian bosh!
What I meant was: What have you done? What have I done? What has every one of us done in reaction to the events of the last decade?
Have I reduced greenhouse gas emissions? (Have a look at my/your/our cars)
Do I accept opinions different from mine? (Look at this blog).
Do I stand up when there is something happening?
Karma begins in you - you can do something - whatever happens around. You can't change the world as a whole - but you can change your own behavior.