Sunday, January 31, 2010


Two screen shots from the excellent guitar documentary It Might Get Loud. Jimmy Page listening to one of his old 45s; Jack White's bloodied Gretsch after a Raconteurs gig.

When was the last time, I asked myself, that I airwrote with such obvious delight; the last time true blood spurted from my Parker fountain pen? How sad -- to practice* an art with no immediacy.

Which is why, dear reader, I finally took up the electric ukulele.

*Practice, practice, never perfect.

Friday, January 29, 2010


As if the previous post provoked it: Now some school system in Virginia (ah! oh! now there's a(n) (a)sexually explicit name for a state!) banned Anne Franks' diary for 'sexually explicit material and homosexual themes'.

(Don't really remember those, but then -- I know -- what could possibly shock me?)

Well, here's what shocks me: Those damn gentiles, killing the poor Jewish girl over and over and over again.

(Because they really want her to be a catholic saint: not a human being. Not who she was.


Over at Moby Lives, quite an interesting piece. I screenshot it above, you can read the original here. Please do.

What is interestingly missing in the discussion of this rather strange story (namely, that 3rd graders should not be allowed to read Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? because its author is also alleged to have written Ethical Marxism: The Categorical Imperative of Liberation -- except that, you know, Bill Martin is, like, a somewhat common name) is the question: What is wrong with allowing kids to access ‘very strong critiques of capitalism and the American system’?
As in: aren't we actually forgetting how we got ourselves plus about 1/2 of the known world outside the US of A into the stinking economic mess we/they're in
in the first place? (As well, may I add, two ongoing real and a few shadow wars as well?)
As in: WTF are you afraid of? As in: If you've got the best best diner in town, why fear that new Waffle House down the street? As in: Are you then, perhaps, deep down, oh fierce Republican schoolboarder, afraid that the American Way suddenly ain't the shizzle anymore?

Plus, you know, when I tell folks in Europe that a school here in the US actually banned the dictionary because it contained a definition of the term 'oral sex' and that the school board is now -- kid-you-not-wish-I-was -- reading the Merriam-Webster cover to cover for additional salaciousness (hands above yer blankets, gentlemen!) there is the sounds of a million ROFLs.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Looks like this is going to be the cover of the French translation ('from the American', as so interestingly stated right smack in the middle of the thing) -- the stuff between the covers following in April. (Also the first language, I believe, where the title actually changed.)

Which reminds me, for no reason, that my very first watch was of the Omega brand.

Which also reminds me that all the covers I had no input on (current edition of the Dutch version, the German version, this one) are clearly the better ones.

(Which teaches me you need to leave things to the professionals. I actually did the cover of the first edition of my first novel, Lichtenberg, myself. It was a horror.)

Now I can't wait to sample Claro's handiwork. His version of the first chapter was better than mine.

(Promo in Paris in the third week of March, if all goes well.)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


To start a hairpiece business aimed at the balding Harley Davidson crowd; then to name it Hell Toupee.

Friday, January 8, 2010


From the air it surely must look like a black mirror.
Reflecting exactly nothing.
Reflecting it exactly.
Reflecting exactly what we have wrought*.