Thursday, January 28, 2010


Looks like this is going to be the cover of the French translation ('from the American', as so interestingly stated right smack in the middle of the thing) -- the stuff between the covers following in April. (Also the first language, I believe, where the title actually changed.)

Which reminds me, for no reason, that my very first watch was of the Omega brand.

Which also reminds me that all the covers I had no input on (current edition of the Dutch version, the German version, this one) are clearly the better ones.

(Which teaches me you need to leave things to the professionals. I actually did the cover of the first edition of my first novel, Lichtenberg, myself. It was a horror.)

Now I can't wait to sample Claro's handiwork. His version of the first chapter was better than mine.

(Promo in Paris in the third week of March, if all goes well.)

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