Monday, March 8, 2010


Big Alec Baldwin fan here. Not so much, though, that I would give up an evening of joyfully enjoying the marvelous set-in of a common cold to watch the Oscars. (I do own a t-shirt that says 'Movies: Ruining the book since 1920.') But then Baldwin wrote the following on his Huff-blog:

At the Tonys and Grammys, musical performance provides a level of entertainment that the other awards can't hope to match. Yet, the Oscars remain the most important awards program for many people, probably because the movies, at their best, make audiences feel things about themselves and life that other media don't bring into focus as completely or effectively. Only books, I would argue, do a better job.

So -- hearing that from a Hollywood actor? -- What movies are really about? (Us, then? Not them?) Plus, you know, books too?

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