Monday, April 12, 2010


From an impromptu Q&A session (interesting!) on William Gibson's blog:
Belgians have a certain reputation, deservedly or not, for (1) globalism, (2) startling outbreaks of interesting perversity.
Which somehow inexplicably seems both terribly fitting and completely incorrect.

(Also this, which I love, for it coinciding exactly with my own experience as an ex-writer:
The part of me that's writing this, now, is utterly incapable of writing a novel. The part of me that just wrote a novel is profoundly unavailable, right now, and will remain so until the next time I have to go out and walk for miles, whistling for it, convinced its finally run away for good and all.

People don't ordinarily meet the part of me that writes novels, and when they do, they must assume I'm not not doing very well. Which as a human being, right then, I'm not. In direct proportion to how well I might be doing, right then, as a novelist.


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