Thursday, November 18, 2010


What does it take to be an exile?

Does it require a homeland to return to -- and thus a state of yearning? Or does a sense of loss suffice?


Christian Rokicki said...

I think simple anxiety can be enough to make one an exile.
But whether that truly makes one an exile is another matter.
The more more questions arise, the more exiled one becomes.
Perhaps a person is not exiled where they can accept that they belong?

Anonymous said...

Life is sufficient to be an exile.
Each time you think you're not - you're even more so. As soon as you think that you belong to any person, any group, any society...ask yourself what this phenomenon of feeling connected to someone might be in fact. We're all longing for this sweet little thing called "home". But the truth is - we'll never find it. What we find instead is the illusion of having found it.