Friday, December 3, 2010


A wonderfully accurate predictor website (who algorithmizes these things, on what basis, and how do I keep the Lil' Hands of Concrete from clicking?) comes to the following conclusion:

Well, I am afraid that didn't happen.

Projected success for my currently-not-being-written novel, solely on the basis of the title: 63.7%.

On the other hand, my Greek translator didn't like Omega Minor at all, and suggested The Future of the World -- which has a 26.3% predicted success rate.

Which is why I won't show up in Athens anytime soon.

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Anonymous said...

if there is a is a currently-being-in-progress-novel :)

"The Future of the World" IS horrible…Lulu is right!

how may lulu predict this?
(1) Lulu is an augur
(2) she uses criteria such as number of words, frequency of those words, emotional content as scored in a semantic differential..
(3) ...she guesses
(4) she uses a random generator.. (but then the score should be different each time?)
(5) she likes reading tea leaves
(6) she likes astrology

Perhaps OM is (for now) not a bestseller, because your imagination, creativity, intellect and knowledge are far, far beyond an 'average person' - and isn't it the mass who makes a book a bestseller? Hm, maybe it is not, that your abilities are far beyond ours – but the way you have used them. With all your power, all your might – you disillusion us. We don't like to see, who we are. We'd like to see who we could be. ..but perhaps I got OM wrong and you did also show us the latter.