Wednesday, February 2, 2011


A screenshot from my browser's homepage, with the most important headlines from

(a) Egypt, yes, but FLOTUS gown first! Her Martyrdom!
(b) Egypt coverage, LIVEBLOG items: How self-centered can we get. Oooh, is poor Anderson okay?

I am old enough to remember, say, Timișoara. Blood and ashes in the streets then, blood and ashes in the streets now, and clearly the will of the people against a tainted regime that does anything it can to stay in power for even a few days longer. Just like then, dominoes are tumbling and a political world system is trembling.

We here (cats grown fat on processed foods), we care about our entertainment stars.

We here (cats used to neat little litter boxes), we scream 'democracy!', but aren't we so afraid of the will of the people? King Abdullah, grab our hands!

Well, yes, be afraid: People -- there's so many of them.

More and more each day.

And not all of them are wearing evening dress, or sporting sexy 'dos.

(But no panic, dearies, there's still plenty of other states willing to accept our extraordinary renditions, I am sure.)

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