Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Episode Five-and-a-Half*, in which the Erstwhile Novelist Strays from the Path to 'do' a Scientific Monograph so Obscure that, After Having Received the Author Copies, the Erstwhile Novelist will have Exhausted Half the Stock.

Three years overdue, but finally on Amazon, so it must be official:

* Preceding: Two obscure books on memory training (jn Dutch), two novels (one mercifully untranslated), and one half of a book of stories and letters (likewise untranslated and also out of print).


Anonymous said...

..and when is "Lichtenberg" going to be translated?" :)
I'd like to read it...
All the best!

Paul Verhaeghen said...

The person who wrote that book is long gone. He vaguely remembers writing the book as being amusing, and rereading it when the second edition came out as somewhat cringe-worthy. He wants to save the reader the same experience -- so: never.

Anonymous said...

what a pitty :(

...perhaps the reader would not share your feeling?

..anyway, you can't translate it, if it is no longer yours.